In the first semester of year two, we had worked on location in the legal graffiti tunnel beside Waterloo Station.  While working on the project a concept had revealed itself to me while reading a passage in a book.  The passage in the book had addressed the possibility that a youth's sub-cultural allegiance could turn into a hiatus lasting into adult life.
I felt that the thoughts expressed were very narrow in there attitude towards youth sub-cultures.  Look at them solely as deviant pursuits.  This was something that I did not agree with and also wanted to explore.
I wanted to find people that had carried their sub-cultural activities with them into adult life and document this.  Instead of revisiting the graffiti tunnel, I visited a skate park.  The photograph below is of man that we will call Bonobo.  He had been skateboarding for over twenty years and still loved it. 
I felt that there was a strong story to be told about people like Bonobo.  Where they go to carry out their chosen activity , their life experiences, what they may of had to give up to carry on with their lifestyle were but a few questions that came to mind.